Đèn nhiều màu

Đèn nhiều màu

Each color can control individually

Multi Color Light
Ứng dụng:
Vision inspection of packaging Defects
inspection of multi color objects Alignment of film

Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm,  Green  520-530nm  Blue 460-475nm ,White 6500k
Operating environment (indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional controller PS1C,PS2C,PS3C,PD4,PDS3,PBT4,PDM
Optional accessories DC extension cable 1m/2m/3m/5m
Lights R&D According to Individual requiremnts to supply custom service


HDR - 50 - 90 RGB
Mẫu   Mechanical Diameter   Angle Màu
Serie Mẫu Màu Điện áp (V) Power (W ) * 2 L*W*H
Weight (g)
Multi color light C-HDR-50-70RGB-X RGB 24 R-0.8 G-1.4, B-1.4 50×28×16 43
C-HDR-90-70RGB-X RGB 24 R-5.8 G-4 B-5.8 90×50×20 160
C-LAR-100-30RGB-X RGB 24 R-3.4 G-4.6 B-4.6 100X70X22 170
C-LAR-132-15RGB-X RGB 24 R-3 G-6.2 B-6.2 132x96x22 275
C-HDL3-146X30RGB-X RGB 24 R-3.4 G-4.3 B-4.3 158X36X22.6 460
C-CO2-50RGB-X RGB 24 R-3 G-4 B-4 96x60x57 320
C-FQGH-285X220RGB-X RGB 24 R-1.5 G-2 B-2 341.5x280x16 1768
C-LNH-317RGB-FN RGB 48 R-48 G-73 B-73 350x103x45.5 1900
*2 Suggest lit on for one color at one time.

Kích thước (mm)

    1.RGB Lighting Customization 4.Installation Way Customization
2.Dimension & camera aperture size Customization 5.Input Wire length customization
3.Wavelength and Color Temperature  Customization  


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